Let’s Talk Television Advertising (Part 2)
May 23, 2017

The Benefits of Video Advertising

To create relevant and far reaching video advertising, we work with our clients every step of the way to ensure a beneficial and creative collaboration takes place and the final product is best it can be. The Four Columns is a full-service event company – so, in order to create something that highlights all their capabilities we involved ourselves on every level during the production.

High-Quality Video Advertising, Planning and Design means…

-Highlighting Potential Events
-Matching the Aesthetics to our Target Market
-Creatively Demonstrating Premium Services
-Working with Multiple Demographics

For our client, The Four Columns, we developed and shot a commercial using our own video production team. It featured multiple weddings where the brides and grooms utilized many of the services the company has to offer. The client worked closely with us on the event production level to make sure everything was to their liking. It allowed us to both have equal, creative input on the project.

Before we begin production, all vendors require proper lighting, equipment, and permission to do so. Communication is key, as is understanding. Filming an event for documentation purposes is very different from making a valuable piece of video advertising. However, they are not exclusive; Yee-Haw Media can operate on both agendas. Footage from actual events is un-edited and unfiltered, which makes for great social media material. It can also be edited with other b-roll or staged footage, to create a lively video advertising campaign at a great savings to the client.

We Love the Digital Strategy

Creating video advertising, behind the scenesRemember, digital advertising could be anything from a YouTube Video to a Facebook or Instagram Ad. Unlike broadcast television commercials though, online videos can spark conversations between potential brides, families, and friends almost instantaneously. They are simple to compile, compare and share, and ultimately generate MORE LEADS FOR OUR CLIENTS.

Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and Google analytics we again have tangible results to deliver that illuminate the long-term value of an investment in video production with Yee-Haw’s creative marketing team.

As you can see, there are many ways to work with a business to create a fun, fresh piece of video advertising. We truly enjoy every aspect of this entire process and take pride in our work. We consistently meet and exceed the goals we set for our video advertising clients, and generate RESULTS. Working with Four Columns and their brides and grooms was an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone involved and the video advertisement that resulted was a genuine depiction of the experience. Four Columns was extremely satisfied with the final product, and they continue to use our services. We are proud to have maintained a well-established, working relationship with them.

Yee Haw!

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