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Do you know your SEO status? Unless you are an online marketing expert, the answer is no! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and even a little knowledge of how it works can go a long way. Here we use one of our clients in the greater New Orleans area as an example.

The Client

The client is a reputable, mid-sized legal firm that serves individuals and corporations in the greater New Orleans area and Baton Rouge. They exist among vast field of local and regional firms who offer similar legal services.

The Consumer Google Search

Lets say, you get in an accident with a commercial vehicle – through no fault of your own, and you’re are left with a back injury that will heal, but prevents you from working your job as a school teacher for the next two months and you’ve been told to “ contact a good lawyer” What is the first thing you do?

That’s right! You Google something like “Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me” or “Car Accident Representation New Orleans “ and that’s where the magic of an SEO formula kicks in.

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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Lucky for our clients; The team at Yee Haw Media are experts at Search Engine Optimization – and it is Search Engine Optimization that determines where a particular law firm appears among a list of thousands. So for example, if 250 lawyers list “Personal Injury” as one of their services, SEO determines which ones you will see on the first page of your search, conversely, websites designed with zero attention to Search Engine Optimization get buried somewhere in the middle of an enormous Google search and really, who do you know that actually goes through even ten pages of a Google Search?

So back to our client, the leading law firm – This firm tackles very competitive areas of law, many of which only advertise their services in the online marketplace. This makes for many, many search results for each area of law they practice.


However, only four months after employing Yee Haw Media’s exclusive strategy for Search Engine Optimization (aka “Our Secret Sauce”) A whopping five of their practice areas appear on the first page of a Google search! This frequency quickly translates into revenue. In just 4 months these leads have generated over one million dollars in casework for our client!

We credit this level of success to our experience, use of analytics and thoughtful and comprehensive strategy. We truly are the SEO experts.

If this catches your interests, you can get in the game too. Contact Yee-Haw for a free consultation of your company’s search engine optimization today!

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