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Advertising & Marketing Across Various Platforms With Yee-Haw Media

Yee-Haw Media is an advertising agency located in the New Orleans area with over 25 + years of combined media brokering experience, combined with 10 years of developing creative advertising designs across all advertising platforms. Yee-Haw Media is recognized by many business clients for having an excellent reputation and successful track record for its media buying, media planning and media brokering/negotiating abilities.

Our media buying philosophy is very simple. Our success comes from our client’s success. To ensure that principal, we invest our client's advertising dollars as if the money was our own. With knowledge and experience across a wide range of media platforms, such as radio, television, print media, online/digital media, outdoor advertising and event sponsorships, Yee-Haw Media is able to utilize the appropriate vehicle to successfully fulfill the marketing and advertising goals of our clients.

Consumers are now in complete control of their media consumption behavior. They can now view, listen, read, and interact with the media of their choice when, how and where they choose. It is our (Yee-Haw Media) job to reach our client’s target audience in a desired market place, at the point of marketing interaction.

What this means for your business, whether you are a local or national advertiser:

It means that its a necessity to have a professional media broker to help you strategize a plan and negotiate the media opportunities that make the most sense for your advertising campaign, so that you avoid wasting valuable advertising dollars. Yee-Haw Media continues to prove to it's clients that we have the experience to handle your placements, from start to finish! Yee-Haw Media will take your creative message to your audience in the most cost effective way and with highest reach and frequency possible. Ensuring your campaign provides a return on investment!!!


-James Haik, Media Consultant


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Why Choose Yee-Haw? Because We Care.

We are native New Orleanians. Born here. Raised here. We have an investment in the success of our local businesses and cities. Our combined 23 years of working with New Orleans area businesses and serving their advertising needs gives us PERSPECTIVE. Things that work in other markets do not work well here, and vice-versa.

We will bend over backwards to ensure that your project and/or campaign is a success. Not only because it's our business...not only because we want your repeat business...but first and foremost: BECAUSE WE CARE!

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