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August 1, 2016
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Television Advertising Still Works In New Orleans

While buying television advertising can be complex, it is a ROI (Return On Investment) driven media. A great direct response advertising vehicle as a matter of fact.

Understanding what stations to buy to communicate to your market, what programs and the price worth paying causes a lot of advertisers to seek simpler and less expensive alternative methods for communicating their business or message to the market place. But when purchased properly, TV advertising can be affordable and extremely effective.

Last year, one of our (Yee-Haw Media) most effective TV campaigns came with just a $20,000 budget. We were able to accomplish an excellent RETURN ON INVESTMENT with this budget. For this client’s twenty thousand dollar investment, we were able to drive $80,000 in trackable revenue the first year. This client was up a significant amount in gross/net revenues verse the prior year. Television was the clear difference maker in our ad campaign, which was quite diverse.

This is how we did it….

Step 1. We defined our client’s market growth potential. Read the benefits by (CLICKING HERE) and reading eMarketers recent report on AUDIENCE TARGETING.

Step 2. Once we had a complete understanding of the target demographics of the client’s top tier potential customer, we planned and created unique communication that our potential market would understand.

Step 3. Developed a compelling position statement and offer.

Step 4. We researched the top television programs for our target demographic, which difficult to do without knowing who that market actually is.

Step 5. Worked with television companies to ensure our ads would air in times that our potential market would be watching.

Step 6. Made sure it ran properly and when the station said it would air.

We hope this article was helpful and was able to give you some brief insight into placing television advertising in New Orleans!

James Haik

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