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August 1, 2016
Social Media Sends A Local Nail Salon’s Business To The Moon
August 1, 2016

The Power Of Video Advertising

Not sure about you, but I am overjoyed about the Soccer/Futbol World Cup! What an amazing event to bring the world together! If you have not started watching the soccer world cup, then start. Like one my clients said the other day, “its once every four years, so get into it.” Support your country by watching and cheering your country on.

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The strength of online advertising continues to grow. With the use of cellular phones in the U.S., tablets, laptops and desktop computers, 90% of all media interactions are screen based according to Google. 29% of consumer recall of digital ads/video is very effective and 26% of consumer recall of TV ad is very effective. Creative plays a large part in recall of advertisements. Visit the link below to view eye popping video ads by KIA. KIA has made one hell of a brand impression with these quality video productions. Creativity and talent can have a lot to do with brand recall.

Lets play a game here. What demographic is KIA trying to reach?

I would say woman, ages 18-44. I believe the goal of the ad campaign is to empower woman. KIA is making a statement about what it means to drive a KIA. The statement says, “drive a KIA and change the way “MEN” think.” Very powerful message to the female audiences that see this commercial. The really cool thing about this ad, is it indirectly markets to Men, or does it? Seems like KIA is trying to convince Men to buy their woman a KIA.

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“Effective video ad placement, paired with creative messaging is an effective marketing tool that can be used to develop your brand.”

-James Haik
Yee-Haw Media, Marketing with Creative Intelligence

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