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January 19, 2017
Let’s Talk Television Advertising Part 2: The Four Columns Wedding & Reception Hall
May 23, 2017

Let’s Talk TV Advertising: The Four Columns Wedding & Reception Hall

Let’s talk TV, TV Advertising that is. As we are sure you have noticed – we are deeply entrenched in the digital age. In 2017 – a locally made, locally aired Television commercial now has the potential to reach far beyond a regional broadcast audience and for a much longer time, at a fraction of the cost. Yee Haw is a full – service video advertising agency – that means we are involved in every aspect of your production as well as your media buys. This dual approach allows the media that we produce in house to serve many purposes.

Say for example – you decide you’d like to air a commercial about an upcoming special, on your Regional ABC affiliate – perhaps something to air during the nightly news and during a weekend sports broadcast; to reach potential customers in your immediate vicinity, using the stations provided viewer data to hone in on your target demographic. Traditionally you would make your selections with the TV advertising agency and then hire a creative video production team to design, film and edit your commercial – to air based on the terms of your agreement with the station. This classic model is one that most business owners are familiar with, television Ads typically require a substantial initial investment, but the payoff can be huge – even though we are smack in the middle of the digital age – people are still watching a ton of TV.

So, what does the Yee Haw Media and creative services team bring to the table when you’re considering TV advertising? Simply put, a whole lot more bang for your buck! We’ll highlight our work with long –term client, The Four Columns – a popular New Orleans wedding and reception venue – as an example of our creative direction and strategic implementation of the media we create for our clients.

The Four Columns is a fun client to work with because they basically throw great parties for a living. They are a full-service wedding and event venue complete with delicious in-house catering and many customizable design options that allow their clients to make lots of fun decisions for their one of a kind event This constant ongoing activity makes for some fun television and digital media opportunities. Here we will highlight a commercial that we designed and shot for a Television ad – that we were then able to transform for continued views and targeting through multiple online platforms like Facebook Advertising and YouTube. We can do this because in addition to producing the video – we also manage all social media accounts and advertising for The Four Columns so we could make long term assessments of their online demographics and place our video timely and accordingly for the maximum impact. Through this calculated strategy, we can directly generate over 75 wedding bookings for our client, that’s basically a wedding a weekend for almost a year and a half! We pride ourselves on tangible results – and 75 events booked as a direct result of our work is about as tangible as it gets!

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