Let’s Talk TV Advertising: The Four Columns Wedding & Reception Hall
May 8, 2017

Let’s Talk Television Advertising Part 2: The Four Columns Wedding & Reception Hall

To create relevant and far reaching media; whether it is intended solely for television advertising, or a versatile piece of digital media – we get involved with our clients in a number of different capacities.

The Four Columns is a full-service event company – so to create something that best highlights all their capabilities we get involved at the event production level.

Media Planning and production means highlighting potential events that match the aesthetic we are trying to promote in our digital campaign.

In this commercial – we chose a wedding where the bride and groom were utilizing some of the services we wanted to make sure were captured creatively on film. We worked with Four Columns on the event production level to make ensure, that we had proper lighting and technicians, HD video equipment and the permission of everyone in attendance that would be featured in the piece to paint an accurate picture of the services available.

Working with Four Columns and their brides and grooms is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We also get involved on the conceptual level – with seasonal tasting events. These are basically “open house” parties that the venue throws twice a year for potential guests to come get a real taste of what The Four Columns can do for their special day.

We love covering and assisting in these parties because they are so much fun; but also because many of the potential clients and guests at these events come from digital media, television advertising or email marking lists that are managed by YeeHaw. So we maintain the guest list and make sure that all potential clients have all relevant info for the party.

We also add our own brand of hype to this mix. In addition to getting the people to the door of the event – we help to stage the events to show the absolute best of what Four Columns can offer so that we can capture it on film and continue to make lasting impressions on potential clients. We creatively stage and set the venue with the experts at Four Columns to make a stunning representation of these seasonal events. When edited –this media, along with other media that we produce, becomes our television commercial, our YouTube video and our on-going seasonal Facebook ads for the Four Columns that run long after the television commercial ad buy has expired.

We love the digital strategy, because unlike broadcast television advertising – the online videos can spark conversations between potential brides, families, friends; they are simple to compile, compare and share and thus quickly and effectively generate a lead for OUR client, The Four Columns. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and Google analytics we again have tangible results that we can deliver to our clients that illuminate the long –term value of their initial investment in video production with YeeHaw’s creative marketing team.

We truly enjoy every aspect of this entire process and take pride in our work.

We consistently meet and exceed the goals we set for our video production clients and generate RESULTS.

Yee Haw!

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